Sunday, March 23, 2014

TNT UnliTxtPlus10 - TP10

New promo from Talk N Text this 2014, the UnliTxtPlus10 or also known as the TP10. A 1 day TNT promo with unlimited texts to all TNT and SMART friends with 10 minutes of TNT/SMART calls and 50 free texts to other networks, all for only P10.00!
Very affordable and sulit offer to all loyal TNT subscribers nationwide.

TNT UnliTxtPlus10 - TP10

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Talk N Text Games ePins: How Top-up Using TNT Load

Talk N Text ePins
Talk N Text has introduced a new way to level up your gaming experience, using your TNT load or even SMART load, you can enjoy purchasing premium items at the game of your choice. No more running to stores and internet cafe's to buy a card, using only your computer and internet, you can conveniently purchase premium game points or money. So, how do we do this? Just follow the steps below, and lets play on!

Talk N Text TRI15 Promo: Unli Text To TNT, SMART, and SUN

A new promo from Talk N Text, presenting the Gaan Unli Trio Plus. The benefits are simple, enjoy unlimited text to all SMART sub networks, which include Talk N Text, SMART, and SUN. The promo doesn't only have for 1 day unlimited, also for 2 days. And come to think of it, by just adding 5 pesos, you'll get the benefit of 2 days, and for the code, kindly scroll it below.

Talk N Text TRI15

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Talk N Text Call, Unli Call Promos 2013

Unlimited Call and Call Promos on Talk N Text

Katok-at-Tex25 - Unlimited Call to TNT and Smart numbers: text KT25 to 4545

TOT30 - Call and Text Promo to Smart/TNT valid of 2 days: text TOT30 to 4545

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Talk N Text Facebook Mobile Promo: Unlimited Facebook

To avail the Talk N Text unlimited Facebook promo, one must have a Java enabled mobile phone with Java Facebook application, which can be download at SMART official mobile website. Surf Facebook for 1 month for only P200, a cheap offer for loyal TNT subscribers.